Career Opportunities


    Frontend Developer

    We are searching a front-end developer who is fluent with react.js and web3.js / ethers.js (and matic.js)

    We need to have a proper website UX.

    What we want:
    – DEX UI should be built on React Framework, preferable using typescript, not plain JS.
    – We find web3.js too heavy and buggy, we want to use ethers.js.
    – We will use several open-source crypto wallet options: Portis, Fortmatic, Torus, WalletConnect and Metamask. Not all of them have to be implemented at the beginning though, so we can discuss it if you say you can’t do all of them.
    – Graphql is also needed since the smart contract data is indexed by Graph.
    – Please check our github repo:
    – The draft of the front-end was prepared already.

    Social Media Content Creator

    Job description:

    1. Create content for the on-going campaigns
    2. Brainstorm and develop new marketing strategies for current and upcoming projects
    3. Formulate and implement brand awareness and promotion activities
    4. Create engaging content for existing social media handles

    Community Manager

    As a Community Manager, you will build and execute community building and social media engagement strategies for Resardis. From a grass-roots community approach to the most creative of social media ideas, you will actively engage, run, and continue to evolve the community. The Community Manager is also responsible for researching and evaluating new blockchain protocols that we are looking to support and possesses knowledge of the protocols we currently support. They will be able to inform and connect product, marketing, sales, and engineering at a critical moment of growth and scale for the company and teams. Blockchain experience is a requirement!

    Graphic Designer

    As a designer at Resardis you may:
    ● design UI/UX for Web 3.0
    ● design the product packaging and hardware
    ● ship global products that increase the adoption of decentralized currencies.
    ● get inspired to create breakthrough technologies.
    ● work on Social Media, Website content designing, Banner / Notification / E-mailer.

    ● experience in UI/UX designing, graphics & visual designing.
    ● experience in sketching and mockups.
    ● experience in dealing with crypto and figma will be plus.