Career Opportunities


    Frontend Developer

    We are searching a front-end developer who is fluent with react.js and web3.js / ethers.js (and matic.js)

    We need to have a proper website UX.

    What we want:
    – DEX UI should be built on React Framework, preferable using typescript, not plain JS.
    – We find web3.js too heavy and buggy, we want to use ethers.js.
    – We will use several open-source crypto wallet options: Portis, Fortmatic, Torus, WalletConnect and Metamask. Not all of them have to be implemented at the beginning though, so we can discuss it if you say you can’t do all of them.
    – Graphql is also needed since the smart contract data is indexed by Graph.
    – Please check our github repo:
    – The draft of the front-end was prepared already.