Resardis is an order book based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX). It promises a safe and user-friendly trading experience to cryptocurrency investors. With its structure built on the side chain tech, it provides an environment to materialize a perfect trading experience. The main goal of the project is to create a decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform for cryptocurrency investors all around the world. Only cryptocurrencies will be listed on the exchange, there will be no fiat currencies.

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Fast – Private – Secure – 

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Resardis DAO & Token

Resardis is aiming to be a community driven project. Therefore, we are building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Control of the Resardis DEX rests in the hands of the community holding the Resardis tokens ( The Resardis Token exists to govern the Resardis DEX. Any changes to the DEX will be proposed and voted on by Resardis Token holders. These proposals can include things like adjusting the fee percentage, implementing scaling solutions and controlling future distribution of Resardis Token to project contributors. In future, Resardis Token will be able to be used as an optional commission payment.


Just like the cryptocurrencies themselves, Resardis lives on the blockchain. This essentially means that all the trading happens on the blockchain, secured by the state-of-art cryptography and immune to manipulation. Users are the sole owners of their funds, and the exchange does not have any control over the assets. There is nothing stored on the exchange servers, and therefore nothing to steal by the hackers or the exchange admins. You might wonder how we overcome the shortcomings of a decentralized exchange, in that case directly skip over to the side chain section.


Decentralization provides privacy
As a decentralized platform, Resardis has a zero-knowledge policy about the customers. Users do not need to sign up with sensitive and personal information. In this context, Resardis is just an intermediary platform which helps traders to find each other and facilitates trading. Just create an address, stay anonymous and start trading. No way to conclude who did what.


Decentralization provides security
Users have full control over the funds, meaning they are the only owners of the private keys. Since the keys to crypto wallets are not stored on the exchange servers, even if the exchange gets hacked, there is nothing to steal. Stop trading on centralized exchanges where there is always a possibility of mass cryptocurrency loss.

Side Chain

Resardis Decentralized Exchange (DEX) is built on top of the side chain technology. As a second layer solution, side chain is optimized for scalable decentralized applications, while keeping the base-layer security of the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike the other DEXs, trading is blazing-fast (1 second), the platform can handle super-high trading traffic, the trading orders live on the blockchain for free, and lastly it is possible to trade non-Ethereum and non-ERC20 based crypto-currencies such as TRON, Bitcoin and EOS. No more long trading durations and on-blockchain order fees, all while including cross-blockchain trading.



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